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Just wanted to say thank you.... Everyone of you is awesome ;)

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Once upon a time (February) there was little Ben, sitting in LA on the one day it heavily rained. And so Ben was doomed to sit in the house on his LA vacation, and because he wasn't prepared for that he really hadn't got anything to do. So Ben got out his Laptop, and suddenly steam showed him this old school RPG with the awful graphics called pillars.


Now, to be honest Ben was planning on getting Dragon age Inquisition, but this game seemed... fascinating. So, he bought it. And when he started the game for the first time, the tunes that would dominate his gaming experience up to this day kicked in....


So far so good :) I think my first ever character was a female nature godlike Druid who could turn into a stag. Elianà van Juné or something. I continued to play and play until at some point I discovered this weird subforum I am now a part of. And hell, I was reading it a lot before I joined. At the time, I even printed out some builds and pinned them next to my PC. I had like sort of a "top 5 builds I need to try" list :p


I don't remember why I joined this forum, but I did. Now, what did I expect? Well, I was a newcomer and entered a world full of veterans. I expected competition, a fight for recognition and respect, smart-a$$ery, the usual, as with similar forums all around the gaming world. And to be honest I think that sort of shines through in some of my posts, especially the old ones ;)


But I got a very open community. A supportive community. A social community. A friendly community. This little space on the Internet has been an incredibly pleasant experience to have, and I am very proud that I could and can be a member of it. You guys are some of the most humble people on this mess that we call Internet.



Thank you for creating such a good atmosphere where literally anyone will be heard and helped.


You beautiful people are the best!!


Keep it up everybody!!



With love,


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Everybody knows the deal is rotten

Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton

For your ribbons and bows

And everybody knows

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