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Fun Soloing with Merisiel! 5.4 & 5.5

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When I noticed the locations for the last 2 Scenarios in Adventure 5, I thought it would be fun to give it a go solo with Merisiel.


I missed playing with her since her 'banish my blessing' bug stuck her on the bench for a while.

Took me a minute, but it was fun!

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Well, 5.4 is no trouble really (although still highly luck-based). You can always evade items in the Greed Room, and you better make sure you have a weapon which discards/recharges for extra die (like Returning Axe) when you hit the "one card per check" location. (Also, if you have Emerald Codex and you luck out in drawing a Speed spell = start your turn in other location, then cast Speed, then move to that location). Otherwise, the location closing is not such a problem as -ideally- you'd close them all by defeating the villains within (and if you fail a villain - it's probably better to just ave time and restart)


The problem comes with the Halls of Wrath and its Intelligence 12 check. Since you can't close it by chasing the Villain there - by this point you should know your weaknesses, so you'd better be hoarding a Sage and Blessing of Irori - thus rolling 3d4+1d6. Again, also use the Emerald Codex and hope for a high-end Aid or Guidance spell.

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Hey 'shot, glad SOMEONE replied to this!


I did notice that I forgot to mention the Legendary difficulty too, which can make some of it nigh impossible!

Even Heroic can be a pain, as in 5.4, each time the villains increase in difficulty b/c you need to beat them several times to win out.


I don't recall the names of the conditions, but I needed to make a 17 Int check to close down the Halls of Wrath!

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Huh, Legendary INDEED does change the game in those two. I'll admit to not playing much on Legendary as I find most of the conditions really arbitrary (this goes double for the Wildcards) and no matter how good my strategy is - I'm STILL stuck relying on extremely lucky rolls. So, let's see:


5-5 - Halls of Wrath; you basically need to 'cheat'. Shop the game for Tome of Knowledge (you know, banish an item, forfeit the game, select the Tome at deck rebuild - it's only AD0). You other option is to roll your Int + Sage ally + Greater Aid (your spell, or lucky drop from Emerald Codex) + Blessing of Irori for d4+d6+2d6+2d4 , for an average of 18. Your closing check on Legendary is going to be somwhere between 14 and 20 (average 17), so you'll need to get extremely lucky anyway (STATISTICALLY, your average beats the average of the check, but if you've played the app so far and you're counting on that - you haven't been paying attention). It's a long shot, but it IS a shot (and any additional Favor blessings will improve your odds).


For 5-4: start with the Maze of Sloth - this location will literally make or break your game. You hope to get Ozzimandius here (you may restarts if you don't get him, or just try to roll with it). If you get Ozzy - beat his summon (don't evade it!), discard a weapon and recharge Crown of Charisma to auto-beat the villain. For Azaven - have the Deathbane Crossbow; for Ordkon - recharge a Returning Axe (and if he rolls 1-2, you may as well restart); for both - discard a card to backstab. Now, you're hoping for a good combat roll, but this is your first villain, so your chances are decent.


Once the Maze is closed - start exploring the other two locations, until you have Delayed villains on top of both. If you're lucky - one of those will be your Maze villain, so you now know which location holds 2 villains - go to the other location and beat the villain there. If you don't know where the third villain is - you'll have a 50/50 guess, so your choice will probably be dictated by which villains are revealed:

- if Ozzy or Ordikon are hidden - start with the other of those 2 (you DON'T want to fight Azaven more than absolutely necessary)

- if Azaven is hidden - start with Ozzy (the 1/3 chance of Ordikon to be undefeated is likely to screw you)


Now go to the last location, where you'll ultimately face 3 consecutive villains with difficulties (if you were lucky so far) of 35, 40, 45. According to the available turns remaining, use your Evade/Delay powers to achieve the following order of encounter: Ordikon (you may have to beat him twice - you want to be facing the lowest check possible); Azaven; Ozzy.

- * keep in mind - if you're loaded with Favor blessings and have the Inspired Dexterity power (hint: you SHOULD have it!) - even those checks might be fairly easy; just make sure you deck is almost empty, so Favors you recharge on one combat will get back into your hand at end of turn; this can be deadly when Azaven's BYA hits you, but if you're like me - you probably have an Amulet of Fortitude lying around, so... If you throw something like 3 Blessings (one of them Erastil) on a villain - that's pretty good odds you got there.

- for Azaven/Ordicon - go all out: Dex + BoErastil+ Backstab discard alone give you d12+2d12+2d6, for an average of 26.5. You will probably have at least a +5 falt bonus, and using the appropriate weapon (Returning Axe on Ordikon, Deathbane Xbow on Azaven) will get you another average 7-8 points. For the second villain be sure to throw any combat assistance Spells/Allies. As long as you roll *at least* average - these 2 villains will be history.

- for Ozzy - you want to face him last - instead of pushing for combat 45, just auto-beat him with Crown of Charisma (see the advice above for Maze). If for SOME reason you're not carrying the Crown - get it (see the advice on getting the Tome of Knowledge)

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The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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