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Just an idea I had due to obvious events. How would you build him? I'd probably go with a low int high Res barb tank focusing on shouts and screams. Or a wizard heavily using walls... But not wall of many colours (he's not a fan of homosexuals I take it?)

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Everybody knows the deal is rotten

Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton

For your ribbons and bows

And everybody knows

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Yeah, it's actually turning into a rather grim reality at the moment. And it  probably won't take much for this thread to get really ugly really quickly. Just have a look at 4 Chan or Reddit to see how unpleasant and unwelcoming the internet can be.

Probably best if the mods closed this now.

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"Those who look upon gods then say, without even knowing their names, 'He is Fire. She is Dance. He is Destruction. She is Love.' So, to reply to your statement, they do not call themselves gods. Everyone else does, though, everyone who beholds them."
"So they play that on their fascist banjos, eh?"
"You choose the wrong adjective."
"You've already used up all the others.”


Lord of Light


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