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Besides the stacking of status effects ;) , I would like to add a section regarding the companions to the guide I recently started. Why is that? Well, a lot of guides talk about how terrible the companions are, and that everybody should only use custom builds. Now, I'll admit that even I catch myself sometimes thinking of the companions as poorly build... recent example is devil. But then I quickly get disproven.


So, how do you usually build companions? Obviously I don't expect anyone to write a guide, but something like "companion X usually takes the role of a (...) in my party" would be quite helpful if you can spare some time. Maybe also a sentence or two on why, I'd really appreciate it :)


Thanks for any input :)

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If you need custom characters you're doing it wrong. Companions are fine and you can still face-roll through PotD. Their less efficient stats are only noticable at the start of the game when starting stats actually matter. Grieving Mother has 11 Might, but if you don't get another Cipher on the team she will probably still end up as the highest damage character anyway.

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We already have a discussion for this, albeit a bit old by now: link


I normally play Zahua as either a variant of the Juggernaut, or a light-armored DPS build (which is basically a variant of the Juggernaut where I also swap heavy armor for Monk's outfit.)


Recently I've been having a blast with Hiravias as the Thundercat.

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