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Missing armor cards in collection - Can't build deck and progress





I came across a problem which prevents me from progressing with the game.

after failing the "Black Fang" mission, i went back to the inventory (card collection) to rebuild my deck.

i noticed that something was wrong with the armor cards filter.


The armor cards toggle seems to be broken.

although i have 3 armor cards in total - only two cards are shown.

moreover, the number of available cards is shown as 0/3, even though i moved all the armor cards from my characters back to the deck.



I'm unable to fully construct a deck, as i'm missing one armor card.

this prevents me from progressing with the game, and also forces me to force-close the app, since i can't return to the main screen


Technical details:

OnePlus One (Android 6.0.1)

Pathfinder adventures





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