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Wrong Google Play name ID showing



What device type are you on? Android

What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4.2

What model is the device? Galaxy Tab 3

What is your PFID#? BA43D572CEA1B0BA


I have never signed into a game using Google Play, so when I downloaded the game and attempted to wha I thought was sign into my Gogle Play account, it used the name that was provided to me. Of course, I didn't like that name, so I found I could change it in the Google Play services. I changed it to something I liked, but now the game continues to show the name that I was originally given, rather than the name I chose. I have deleted my Google Play Games profile multiple times, emptied the cache, reinstalled the game, but it still shows the original Google Play Name. I'm not sure if it is a Google Play problem or a PACG problem. Any help?

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It's a Pathfinder issue.  I was about to post something similar.


Your Pathfinder TitleDisplayName (i.e. "Name #1234") is only set once if it sees you don't have one yet.  It will not change to reflect further updates to your username in the Google Play store or iOS Game Center.


As long as your account seems to be working right and all your DLC is there, the good news is that it is purely cosmetic.  Currently, the display name is just a shorter identifier to use when reporting bugs.  The devs should be able to update it manually if you email support@obsidian.net.  Maybe someday in the future, the app will check if your TitleDisplayName needs to be automatically updated.

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