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Best one handed weapon for dragon slaying?

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And may also make good use of carnage ;)

Looking to build a dragon slaying barbarian with dragons maw slaying dragons for te sake of the dragon slaying. Also, dragons must be slayed

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Drawn in Spring is always going to be your best bet I think, the raw lash bypasses DR so as long as you can stay healthy enough you will eventually kill them. Plus, it's not too bad with Carnage as the entire group will get wounded too (and if you graze them, from what I've seen with Tidefall that just makes the DoT higher for a shorter duration). Lastly, it's very easy to get the accuracy sky high with the inherent dagger bonus, Flick of the Wrist and the appropriate Weapon Focus.


If that doesn't float your boat, I would just go for a standard Stun on crit weapon (though the Alpine Dragon is stun immune, so something with Overbearing like We Toki would work better there). It's extremely easy to get insane accuracy against Beasts (Blackwarden's Breast and the resting bonuses - which are easy enough to get to the +20 level if you focus on survival - stack, possibly the Chanter bonus does too) so it should be easy enough to Stun/Prone lock them even with their meaty fortitude scores, which you can debuff in the standard Barbarian way with Threatening Presence (no dragon is immune to Sickened). Stun weapons are currently bugged on the on crit weapons in that the Stun effect always crits, but this is a planned fix for 3.04 and the Stun weapons only come later in the game so could get the character started now.


With the on crit status weapons, it's better to test them beforehand to find out what combo of Dex and Int will allow you to chain the Stun on hit of the Stun effect. That way you know where to pitch your attributes for your given armour.

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If you solo Drawn in spring is the best weapon.

Bittercut is only good if you have at least 2 chars.

For example GM in my trio easily crits dragons, but she get's accuracy buffs from dragon slaying chant, Zealous Focus, Paladins marking talent which are all not available if you solo.

Also ofc a cipher has better selfbuffs for critting.

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Well just to be different, I'm gonna say Steadfast, but I think Raven Darkholme is correct to say that Drawn in Spring is the best overall. Actually, I'd like to try dual-wielding Steadfast and Drawn in Spring on a solo Monk also equipped with Blackwarden's Breast. Shouldn't have any accuracy issues. :p

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If your ACC is high enough (e.g. if you have a fighter with Disc. Barrage) then wielding a single weapon with overbearing (We Toki) is really effective. None of the dragons is immune to prone - they only have resistances which you can overcome with high ACC and debuffs. Last playthrough I always charged in with a fighter and prone-locked the dragon. With a fighter that's easy of course because he can also have 3 Knockdowns per encounter which only have to graze.


I can't remember if any of the dragons is immune to stun. If not, then a custom Cladhaliath would be even better. It can stun on crit and also get coordinating which will give you +9 ACC compared to other weapons. 


Another nice "weapon" for most dragon fights is high ACC + Munacra Arret. A paladin with Sworn Enemy and Zealous Focus can crit with a charm. The dragon will get controlled for over 20 secs with decent INT. Charmed enemies suffer from hefty debuffs.

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