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It would have been simpler to just skip to the Pathfinder sections because it doesn't at all look like a survey, it looks like an announcement that Obsidian is making a pathfinder game and is trying to justify it to someone internally.

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Took the survey, but I've been wanting a Pathfinder CRPG from Obsidian since they announced their partnership with Paizo way back.  Ignored the Adventure Card game (zero interest, MtG thoroughly obliterated my interest in ever touching a CCG again, digital or printed product), but hoped and continue to hope this isn't just placation but a concerted effort to finally get a PFCRPG made.  :)


Stick to the Pathfinder ruleset as much as possible though.  nSpace learned a hard lesson with Sword Coast Legends about taking liberties with the 5e ruleset (nothing against the people, just the decisions they made).


If a PFCRPG does happen, I'd prefer to see an original adventure, not an adaptation of an adventure path.

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It would be very interesting to see what could be done with Pathfinder transition into crpg. How well pnp playerbase transfer to gamers, or how gamers get interested in new setting. I see the appeal in some less popular or less generic settings. 


There is this Shadowrun company, in their time they ware pumping 1 story a year, and it has some popularity. So there may be market in pnp inspired game.

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While I'd much rather play a Pathfinder game than Forgotten Realms D&D, it's still pretty far down the list of IPs I'd want. I'd be much more interested in Fading Suns or DragonStar or anything else set in space. Since they seem to have a good relationship with Paradox, maybe a game set in the Trinity setting.


I'm just so bored of medieval fantasy I can't muster any enthusiasm for a Pathfinder game (or even POE 2). Maybe they could do a Starfinder game instead.

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Since they seem to have a good relationship with Paradox, maybe a game set in the Trinity setting.


Paradox bought White Wolf in 2015 right? I am hopeful that this signals a nice partnership with Obsidian to make quality CRPGs of all types using White Wolf IPs. I feel like, at least at the moment, Paradox will be a great publisher/funder for Obsidian in that they know to let Obsidian do their thing and won't interfere too much. I might of course be wrong about that, I'm basing it purely off the fact that they've done well making non-mainstream games.

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