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Outside of buying it how do you get gold these days? From what I can see you only get gold from the dailies, the store and 1 or 2 from each location but it was always a bit obscure. Can you still get gold from completing quests in story mode and is there any rhyme or reason to when you get quest gold?

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Aside from converting cash, you can get gold from daily challenges, quest mode, some story mode scenarios, and salvaging cards.


Daily Challenges: 100-200 gold per daily challenge.


Quest Mode: Each difficulty has a base gold reward, plus a little extra per character.  And you get additional gold for defeating a boon (and closing locations).  In normal mode, you're looking at a net 100-200 gold per scenario.  That number scales up pretty significantly at Heroic and Legendary difficulties.


Story Mode: You will always receive gold for defeating banes (and closing locations), but will only get the scenario "bonus" at Normal and Heroic once.  You then have to keep grinding out Legendary scenarios for max benefit.


Salvage: Depending on their rarity, you can salvage treasure cards from your vault ("sell" them back) for 8-36 gold apiece.



Edit:  Forgot about location closing.  Or maybe I didn't forget and wasn't paying attention.  Either way, time to find some coffee!

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Replaying in story mode only gets you gold on legendary.

However, if you make a new party from scratch, you will get gold for the first time you beat the scenarios on normal and heroic again.

I'm not sure about the "new party" thing.  I created a new party and added two brand new characters to it.  The game showed that I had not completed Brigandoom with the party (Poison Pill was still locked), but it would let me choose between Normal/Heroic/Legendary for Brigandoom.  The game indicated that the scenario has already been completed at Normal and Heroic and there was no completion gold for beating the level on Normal.  Perhaps if I deleted the old party I would be able to earn gold from Normal level, but I didn't want to test that out.  AFAICT "completion" is tracked three ways:


1) Per character, records which scenarios each character has completed, regardless of Normal/Heroic/Legendary.  The first time each character completes a scenario it gets the appropriate character bonus (card, feat, whatever).  You can view this under the character's completion tab.


2) Per party, recording which scenarios were completed, with separate marks for Normal/Heroic/Legendary.  This is what you see when selecting a scenario, and can be very different from what a given character has completed.  You can't select a scenario until the preceding one has been completed (a new party can only select Brigandoom).  I believe this also lets you take a brand new character and dive into a much more advanced scenario as long as at some point the "party" completed the preceding scenarios... even if you have long since removed those older characters from the party.  


3) Per account.  This records at least normal/heroic completion per scenario and appears to determine whether or not you get additional gold for completing the scenario.  It also determines whether you can select the higher difficulty levels: once a party beats a scenario on Normal, the Heroic level of that scenario is unlocked for all parties.  Note that the other party still needs to have completed the preceding scenarios, but they can jump straight to higher difficulty if another party has paved the way.  For example, if one party has completely cleared Perils of the Lost Coast on Normal and Heroic, a brand new party can play Brigandoom on Legendary as its first game.  But it cannot attempt Poison Pill until it first beats Brigandoom (at any difficulty level).

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It works for me - I tested it today.

Made a new party, added a new Merisiel. All modes of Brigandoom were unlocked, Poison Pill was locked.

However, my game did not indicate that normal and heroic of Brigandoom have been completed.

The reward screen showed I would get 100 Gold for completion on normal and I did afterwards.

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