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Progression Break Erylium



Quest Mode, Valeros, Kyra, and Lini. Tier 1 (all level 10).


Normal mode. Scenario power: Everyone at an open location faces an Ancient Skeleton when someone encounters a henchman.


Academy is the last location open (though this also occurred when it wasn't). When Erylium is encountered, she spawns a Wrathful Sinspawn. Its Wisdom check and combat proceed normally, but upon defeat another one spawns in its place. Sometimes, Erylium's text also covers the active monster card.


After defeating the second Wrathful, whose Wisdom check and combat also proceed normally, I am given Academy's choice to explore again or forfeit. Forfeit does what's expected (and does not proceed to Erylium combat), and Explore just starts the Erylium combat over, complete with sequential Sinspawns. Once those two are killed, just nothing. I can do any other normal turn actions; further exploration just repeats this loop.


After this happened the first time, Erylium's card remained in the small left spot she normally would while fighting a Sinspawn, even into further turns.


I can't trigger the actual fight with Erylium, and I don't think I have any cards that could force a shuffle. I did other turns at other locations between Erylium fights, and they worked fine. I tried with different characters solo at Academy, two, or all three, and different combinations of who would face the Sinspawns on their own or others' turns; no change.


I have a screenshot of the double text and another of Erylium simultaneously in small boss mode on the left and large active monster on the right with Explore or Forfeit buttons.

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