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Tools of Faith and Devotion Purchased (no dice or cards included)



Tools of Faith and Devotion Purchased (no dice or cards included). So I just download that app to my iPhone today and it synced with my Game Center account successfully (I have iOS 10) because I can see the game I've been playing on my iPad. However, when I purchased the special listed above, 2 weird things happened, I can no longer purchase the gold special (20k for $4.99) and the Cards/Dice are not showing in my Gallery (One set of legendary Guardian Blue Dice, Legendary Card: Legion Armor, and Rare Card: Greater Aid) but the 25 treasure chest are applied to my account. Honestly I bought this for the dice and card (as I'm playing with Kyra, so I'm a little confused and annoyed. #sadpanda I'm new to the forums, so is this a know issue? Have I been swindled? LoL 

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A restart of the app worked! I got this response from customer service, about both issues:


Thank you for contacting Obsidian Entertainment Support. My name is Aarik and I will be assisting you with your issue today. Sorry for the troubles, after looking into your account, I do see that you have purchased the Tools of Faith and Devotion bundle and all. The dice is in your inventory and the cards are in your vault. Just restart your game and they should appear correctly. As for the buried treasure, the special offer only appears if you haven't purchased anything from the game for 10+ days. So since you have purchased the bundle, the buried treasure vanished. Don't worry, it will reappear if you don't many any purchases for the next 10 days! Please let me know if you are still having issues.

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