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Bugs I've found



These are the bugs I've found so far:

Blessing of Gorum - the tag that the blessing is checking to give 2 dice is incorrect

Occasionally, checks will happen out of order (example: cast guidance before a fight and the check to recharge it doesn't occur until after the turn gets passed or you explore again.

This may be caused by the same bug, but sometimes buttons will fail to appear when they should, leading to being unable to end a turn after a fight

Sometimes a card will get selected on iPhone via touchscreen and fail to be unselected if you let go of it in a place where you don't reveal/recharge/discard/bury/banish it. This makes it very difficult to select the correct card you want after selecting the one next to it.

These are all the bugs that I can think of at the moment. I'll add more when I remember or encounter them.

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