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Does it add with all accuracy ? More specifically, does it also give additional accuracy for a chanters chants? (If so I wouldn't know why to take WF... ;) ) and it also should givea bonus to invocations, right?

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Yes it adds to both Chants and Invocations. I think it applies to pretty much everything, but I obviously haven't tested "pretty much everything". It has added value on a Chanter given they have summons as well.


You would take a Weapon Focus over it if you also were using a Paladin, but otherwise I would never take a Weapon Focus instead on a Chanter. You might want to take a Weapon Focus in addition for even more weapon accuracy, but if you're pushed for talents Gallant's Focus is way better on a Chanter. I also like it as it makes you feel less shoehorned into just one weapon category on the other classes.

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