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Here's some fun for ya!  On my first run through the black tower, I encountered the collapsed ceiling with my biggest bruiser, Ezren, who nonetheless does not have the biggest muscles.  Aw well, no big deal.  I dropped  blessing, but still missed by just enough to take some heat.  After discarding, I still had some offensive spells and the Incanter.  I'd made my first exploration, but I could still drop the npc for another shot.  Weighing my chances, I figured I'd take the chance and 'go for it.'  I mean, my party was pretty much running low on support, but I had pretty good firepower available after all.  See here:  Harpy monk, the bastard!  I dropped my last blessing for the wisdom roll, but all I got was snakes staring back at me.  I'd say no dice, but there were dice.  Two of them with a short evil slit each looking up at me.  Meanwhile, my whole party, even Kyra, ended up missing rolls.  The others I didn't mind so much, but Kyra?!  Who the hell had I pissed off?  Anyway, I would say that I would have had a chance if Harsk hadn't been drawn to my location.  I might say that I could have pulled it off if anyone had a blessing to throw my way.  Fact is, once I missed that roll, it was all over.  I guess Ezren wasn't wise enough to have one of his extremely powerful spells ready, and so he and the others got stuck at that location until the collapsed ceiling got cleared.  Did I mention that this was in the courtyard?


So, what happened after that?  Let me put it this way, victory had never been quite so satisfying.

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Legendary? I am having trouble with them even on the easiest difficulty. Trying as we speak the 4th scenario for the 3rd time. Since the update my rolls are abysmal. Obviously, I don't believe the theories about dice manipulation (what would be the point), but from my experience in the last few days, I wouldn't rule out a coding problem, as rolling 3-5 with 3xd10+ dice is the norm right now. I have rolled so many 1's in the last 2 days that it's getting out of hand. Makes me wish I hadn't thrown away the Dogslicer+1 I had.


The 4th scenario is probably the most difficult I have faced so far. Henchmen who require fire trait to be defeated, henchmen who hide at the bottom of their deck if undefeated, 2 villains, and on top of that, you have to defeat the 2 villains in the same turn, probably with the same character. Add the harpies who slap the heroes around like toys and it quickly becomes a nightmare. I am playing with 4 heroes; I don't want to think what a mess would be with 6 heroes. Is it even beatable with 6 heroes at legendary?

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