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Aloth bug + Brighthollow bug



Just recently started playing Pillars of Eternity and I really like it, but this bug has me going insane.


This bug seems to have something to do with Aloth.

After I recruited Hiravias I dismissed Aloth. 

Short while after, I sent Hiravias off to free some slaves, so I wanted Aloth back.


I tried over and over again to recruit him, but It just created another naked clone of him.

For some reason It always seems to work the eighth try, but he doesn't remember any spells. (It also caused me to get "The watcher with eight friends" achievement)


If you dismiss him again, It's just as hard to get him back.


I can only enter the second floor of Brighthollow with Aloth in the party, anyone else and the game quits to the main menu.


Is there a fix or am I forced to start over.

If so, what might be the reason for this bug, so I can avoid it.


Thanks :)

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