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So I was excited to finally get the mourning gloves. However I was dismayed to discover that the attack speed buff was suppressed during combat, I'm guessing by my Monk's swift strikes. So a couple of questions:


1. Were the mourning gloves indeed not stacking with swift strikes?


2. Does piercing shot stack with the Shock DR reduction from Stormcaller?


3. Will the Gauntlets of swift action stack with swift strikes?


Thanks so much for the answers!

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1.: I didn't test that, can't say. Never use them...


2.: Yes, they stack. The -6 shock DR is a debuff that is attached to the target (and also works for your team mates) and the +5 DR bypass of Pen. Shot is attached to your attack. Ryona's Vembraces (+3 DR bypass) and Effigy's Resentment (Devil of Caroc, +1 DR bypass) also stack. You can reach 15 DR bypass with Stormcaller that way.


3.: Yes, they stack with everything.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yeah, Mourning Gloves and Swift Strikes are both active/model buffs, so only the best one counts. I have a detailed post on attack speed stacking here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88795-trying-to-figure-out-casting-speed/?p=1837581. Mourning Gloves isn't in that list yet, though... *EDIT* it is now. 


And indeed, as you can see Gauntlets of Swift Action stacks with everything. Which isn't a particular property of the Gloves by the way, it's just that it's the only (non-weapon) item that gives a (continuous) attack speed bonus. 

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Just a couple more questions about stacking if I may be so bold, these concerning chants this time.


1. Does the chant that gives you a flame lash stack with a monks Tirning wheel ability?


2. How does the invocation for Their Champion faced the horde alone combine with the Ila chant?


3. And bonus question: what do you think is the best armour for a buffing/summoning/interrupting chanter? Heavy or light?


Thanks so very much!

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1. As far as I know, yes.


2. The Ila chant is weird. I think it stacks with all generic "attack speed" bonuses due to not being an "attack speed" bonus, but a "ranged attack speed" bonus, but I am unsure.


3. Medium armor IMO, at least until you have durgan steel. Adjust armor weight based on your DEX. Lower recovery helps chaining invocations at higher levels.

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