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I find myself wanting to use only one slot, and they seem somewhat similar... Which is better? The AoE/debuff/damage or the prone/AoE damage/Looks of a badass ?

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I could have sworn that they bounce away like some sort of pinball. I don't know if it can do that to all targets, but might create some interesting situations involving objects, corners and other scenery items.

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What targets do you mean? I only push the foe I hit with Force of Anguish and he flies quite a distance over the screen when there's nothing in the way, but that's it. Other enemies normally aren't affected in a way that it's beneficial to you. At least that's the case when I use it. No pinballing and not even pushing enemies out of the way when the initial targeted foe hits them on its flight.


I still think it's a great ability though.


Sometimes - when you have things like a fear aura from Executioner's Hood the effects of FoA get applied to all targets that also get hit by the fear aura - but that's a bug.

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Torment's Reach and Force of Anguish are two of the best abilities that a Monk can get, what do you think you will take instead?


Torment's Reach is massive damage in a large cone. It is a full attack and a +50% lash, the debuff is just gravy but it still gets you -6% incoming damage from the Might debuff. In pretty much every playthrough I find that Monks using Torment Reach lead my team in damage output.


Force of Anguish is another great ability. Even with a 3 Intellect the prone lasts longer than what a Fighter can do with a 16 Intellect, and a normal Intellect gets you ten seconds of prone and can be used as often as you want (provided you have wounds).

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Turning Wheel is not so great if you want to spend your wounds asap with Torment's Reach. But it can still have it's uses because it also works with any kind of melee attack - including retaliation and Battle Forged as well as Jolting Touch.

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