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PoE2 ANTI-wishlist thread. What should remain the same?

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  • 6pack
  • Isometric
  • soulbound
  • Eder
  • #allstatsmatter
  • general game design
  • general lenght and size
  • party ai
  • WM quality of life
  • Adventure oriented over loot oriented (combat is good in moderation)(world driven story is also ok if you have $$$ for that)

I like the game. And it got better with WM updates. With some of common complaints i am like "why do you even care?". I want more of the same but different.


I am also totally fine with Obsidian doing many games, and different games. Like Torch-a-like in Space, with 4p MP, no pause action, but still with RPG layer, did i said GUNs (and techno powers)? And arcade spacecraft doge fight. Since why not.

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i echo most of the sentiments here.. though i would add:


keep the developer commentary.

keep the inventory system.  that was really well put together.

keep the camping supplies.  i like that i have to plan for it.

keep the stronghold.  in fact, expand on it further.


i also like that i have to read a lot of the text.  its not all voiced.  please consider keeping the game this way.

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This game is home. The fact that it exists at all is a minor miracle. Obsidian did nearly everything right. I was skeptical that it would be able to hook me sans Faerun and the usual catalogue of D&D spells in the spellbook. But it worked. I love it! The music is a masterful rip off that includes nods to all my favorite fantasy scores. The art direction and gameplay is killer. I'm certain I'll be playing it to death for a while.


I just hope the sequal stays true to this same style of gameplay. Isometric, with full party tactical combat 6 deep. That's the bedrock. There are plenty of other crpgs that have done the driving camera thing, and while some are pretty spectacular, they can't deliver that old school infinity feel. I don't mind cliche or allusions to what's come before as long as it's done well.

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I like the operation and feel of the Cyclopedia (tab in the inventory/journal/etc GUI).  I think it's a good design choice that you learn about creatures progressively as you fight them, and those details get filled in the cyclopedia as you go.  Being able to refer to that page before certain encounters is a nice in-game feature.  While a web search could turn up the same info, it's handy this way, and integrates believably with the progression of your game: you don't get to know things before you "should".

​Would like to see this preserved in POE{2..n}.

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I would like to see them keep:


* 6-character parties

* well-written NPCs like Lady Webb

* real time with pause

* character classes (as opposed to a Fallout-type classless system)

* an environment that reacts to player character choices

* melee characters who have interesting combat options (as opposed to old-style D&D fighters who could simply auto-attack)

* risk-taking in their class construction (the chanter failed for many reasons but I still appreciated the effort to do something new)

* uncertainty about which factions/characters are actually serving the greater good

* every stat mattering to some degree for every class (no "dump stats")

* expansive world lore that tangibly affects the course of the game

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No taunt, for the love of all no taunt please! 


Agreed! Taunts are such a immersion breaking tool in RPGs and, moreover, lead to boring MMO style tanks who are designed purely around survivability whilst doing pathetic damage. I like the fact that the current AI target selection leads to hybrid tanks over pure tanks.

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Since there are many things I like about Eternity, I'll narrow down the list by comparing some of PoE's systems / mechanics with Tyranny's.



- No level scaling. Level scaling is a sordid cheat code available to encounter designers, thus not using it or keeping it entirely optional is respectable. 


- Classes > Classless, especially in RPGs with adventuring companions. Everyone brings something unique to the table that others can't emulate. 


- Bestiary XP > Learn by doing. Something in the middle would be preferable (the scaaary kill XP), but if I had to choose between the atomization of experience (hit or get hit = XP) and an extensive bestiary, I'd choose the latter.


- Per rest + per encounter > Cooldown timer gameplay. Button mashing is not good gameplay. Cooldown heals + learn by getting clubbed is a recipe for silliness.


- Less percentages > More percentages. In Tyranny even healing potions are %-based.




However, I do like that in Tyranny you get to choose a combat style during character creation. I'd love selecting one signature combat style for my character at creation (among dual wielding, weapon and shield, two handed w., one handed w. and ranged w.) in Eternity 2, that can further be improved by a talent or two. I find this as important for setting my character's identity as choosing his class.

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Patch for the post above.  :blink:


Point 2: Classy > Classless still applies, but Tyranny is an atypical classless game. It seems that in Tyranny each companion is his/her own class (sort of) with unique abilities. 

What I primarily dislike about fantasy classlessness is that everyone has the innate potential to cast spells. Magic is no longer cool when everyone and their pet can use it. 


Not that class systems are completely immune to it; in PoE everyone can cast spells from scrolls with enough lore... and warriors are better than mages at scroll spelling because physical and magical accuracy aren't separate stats. Off topic: It's a product of slightly too much uniformity, e.g. certain all-encompassing attribute constructs and the previously mentioned accuracy stat (practically equalized between classes; span of 10 acc).




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