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I've been enjoying this great version of the physical game a lot, so I threw some money Obsidians way and bought some treasure and chests. Should I wait until the rest of the RotR adventures have been released to open these chests so I can get those adventure's special cards, or should I just open them all now?


Also, are more of these special cards going to be added to the game periodically?


I know they added one for GenCon recently, though that one needs a code you got from actual card they gave out and is not going to be part of the treasure chests.

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I've been holding on to 40 chests to doll out for opening as the new adventures become available.  In the meantime I'm earning enough gold between playing and daily gold to buy a chest every day.  Those I open.  


I'm not clear on what cards may be 'new' when the new adventures become available, which is why I'm taking this strategy.  I do see cards from chests currently that are from decks 4 or 5 (can't remember if I've seen 6 yet).  I figure that means there are some at that level already unlocked.  However, to be safe, I'm planning on opening a bunch of chests with the release of the next adventure.


Not extremely helpful, but it's my anecdotal experience and conservative strategy.

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Add info you find/want to the Pathfinder Adventures wiki

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I don't know what's coming in the future, but I can tell you what's happened up to this point.


When the game was first released, a good chunk of the cards weren't actually seeded in the pool. It wasn't just a few cards; it was a LOT. So anyone who opened chests right away was wasting some value, as they were more likely to get duplicates than someone opening the chests later.


After a while, the missing cards were added in. However, anyone who opened their chests at that point would still have been wasting some value, because Obsidian just announced that cool new dice skins will be available as chest drops. For someone like me, dice skins are the coolest things to be introduced to chests so far, since they add some cosmetic value without changing the mechanics of the game. So I'm definitely glad I haven't opened my chests up till now.


At the same time, if you wait too long, then you'll be done with the game, and what'll be the point of the chest cards then? I'm personally going to wait until I'm done with AD4 and pop open all my chests once AD5 hits. If I end up losing any value because new stuff gets introduced after that, oh well. :)

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At the same time, if you wait too long, then you'll be done with the game, and what'll be the point of the chest cards then?

They add a little favor to Quest Mode.  Without any real story to follow along with, the grind would feel a lot worse if it didn't periodically gift you something cool and unexpected.  


However, I'm curious about what the plan is for treasure chests/cards if they ever release other Adventure paths (yes, I know that's a 2.0 problem and the game sometimes feels like it recently broke through "1.0"...).  


Will my cadre of Blacksmiths follow me around throughout my different adventure paths?  

Should I keep a strategic reserve of treasure and gold for the next installment?  

Is there some whole other system in the works that is going to be separate from what we have now?

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If I have to ques, the new adventure Path is separate completely. New treasure cards, new promos and so on. But what I hope is that quest mode should share cards, because it will be much more interesting with more locations and more boons and banes. But who know. I think that even developers has put too much though for that. They Are interested in making more, but at this moment They have hands full of Rice of the Runelords staff.

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