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Is there a way to keep spells learned through gold after respecing Wiz?

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I just respeced my lvl5 wiz and the spells I payed to learn from fallen enemy's grimoire were gone. Like said on title, is there a way to preserve them?


I know gold isn't an issue later on, but early it is painful and so is keeping 50 grimoires. Since I play solo, respecing is common for harder fights and this problem should repeat itself a couple more times...

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Yes. Put them into grimoires. You can always edit what spells are in a grimoire, even if it's not your own. You just have to equip it. Then, later, learn from the grimoires again when you retrained. Costs a bit of extra money though.


You don't need to keep 50 grimoires. Just put the spells you like and which you don't plan to pick during retraining into one, two or three grimoires. Sell the rest.

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'learn from the grimoires again when you retrained", so I will have to pay for the spell everytime?


You do have to pay for them again, yes. Though in my experience you don't generally use all spells in a given playthrough, so you could just stick to the ones you're actually going to use at the time.


You don't actually need to equip the Grimoire to edit the spells it contains by the way. You can also right-click it in the Inventory.

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That is a shame. Respecing a Wizard is actually way more expensive than other classes which doesn't make much sense.


I know many players hate respecing but I actually enjoy it so I can try different thing for specific fights without "cheating" (console).

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