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I am trying to complete Durance's quest but I have no idea to convince him that Magran is trying to kill him. I went through every possible dialogue tree (I think) but can't seem to trigger his responses. I am right at the part where I jump into the burial pit and don't want to go in before Durance's quest is complete. I finished every other quest including white march part 2. I understand this triggers the end game when I jump in so I must be missing something... 
I tell him "I believe magran is trying to kill you" but the only option I have to tell him is "I don't know...".

Can someone tell me the step-by-step dialogue options to press to get him convinced? Much appreciated. 
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You should see a vision after talking with gods, then there should be dialog option which says 'In my dream or 'I saw you'. (can't remember now). Try to sleep or return to Teir Evron and try to sleep there. Or look closely to Durance's dialogs. Options are often hidden there (do not pay attention to white  or grey text color).

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