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1 issue and some graphic glitches



Hi, I found some little issues for you guys :)


The first (issue.jpg) is quite significant. It happened 2/3 times in Story mode but I always think it's just my newbie mind :) Basically the game skip the conditional preemptive roll before the combat. So if it's really an issue, it's up to you.


The others happened after the scenario during the 'swap items' phase accessing the characters screen.


I hope screenshots can help you guys


PS: ZenPad 8, Android 6.0.1





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Did you try to use the Bastard sword in the first picture? The Wisdom check is shown when you try to play a spell or weapon, so you do not have to role it when you do not intend to use one of those. Try to use one of those cards in chains, and the Wisdom check should appear.

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