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Progression break after rolling 4 on discard-top-blessing wildcard



In quest mode, I had the rogue temporarily close a location (it was the last location to be closed).


The close requirement was to defeat a Poison Trap henchman. After I defeated the henchman, the wildcard "When you defeat a henchman, roll 1d6. On 1,2,3, discard the top blessing." was activated. I rolled a 4 after which the game did not continue and the only option was to forfeit. The Poison Trap was still showing as a small card in the top left corner, but the screen otherwise remained empty of cards. I could still switch characters.



  • Android
  • Android 6
  • Nexus 9



  • No pass & play, no permadeath
  • Quest mode
  • Barbarian, wizard, rogue, cleric (rogue temporarily closing)
  • Tier 1 hard, wildcards: the one mentioned above, and "when you fail to acquire a boon, discard the top blessing."
  • No character aided the check.



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