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Progression Break ( Skinsaw Man in Foul Misgivings



Device: Hudl 2

OS: Android 5.1


Pass & Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Story

Party Members: Seelah, Ezren, Amiri, Sajan

Turn Order: as party

Scenario: Foul Misgivings

Difficulty: Normal

Wildcards: N/A

Trigger: Skinsaw Man

Repro Info:


Having finally solved the problem that I had loading the game after updating to I came across a really nasty Progression Break during Foul Misgivings!


I encountered Skinsaw Man (can't remember the location, possibly Habe's Sanitorium), the usual splash screen triggered so I could read the Villain's card, the only button on screen is the Continue button which didn't work!. So now I had a progression break but I couldn't use Vault, Quit or Forfeit to try to get past it! "Great" I thought, "I've already lost all my Quest progress due to the bug in installing the Update, now I'm going to lose my Story mode too!"


Workaround: Hit Android "Switch" button and close the PACG app by swiping it off screen at the App switching list; reload PACG; hit Continue to load the Story - unfortunately this loads the wrong party; Quit the game; Hit Story, load the correct party; Resume at the Skinsaw Man "continue" screen, where the button now works!


I'm not sure that I'd done anything unusual (no Augury, Scrying or anything like that). However, I had (on turn) used Sajan's Merchant to send the Rogue Ape Ally to Seelah immediately before encountering Skinsaw man. Encountered Skinsaw Man on (I think) Seelah's turn.

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