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Traitor triggers Crow Bait



Samsung Note 12.2, Android 5.0.2


The problem occured this morning, directly before the latest patch came out. But as I could not find it mentioned anywhere, I suppose it has not been fixed.


Scenario is Crow Bait on Heroic, the scenario power is "If you discard cards as damage from a combat check, bury 1 of those cards". Wildcard is Impending Doom (5 fewer blessings).


Sajan encountered a Traitor at the farmhouse. Card text of the traitor is "Before you act, discard a random ally". The ally (The Sage, I think) got not just discarded, but was buried. I had expected it to be discarded.


As the scenario power explicitly states only cards discarded due to damage from combat checks get buried, and the ally was discarded without a check, I suppose this is a bug.

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