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So I’ve played through the entire available content twice with two different groups and each time I’ve only found 1 Holy Light.  With one group I used the “farming guide”  I found on this forum and went through both scenarios “Black Fang” and “Foul Misgivings” multiple times and still got nothing.


What gives?  How can the card be that rare? Am I missing something?  Are there other locations or scenarios that I need focus on? I even spent a bunch of money on buying chest to help improve my ratio of getting rare cards.  Still nothing.  What am I doing wrong?  That card doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to get. Without it my divine spell caster’s damage starts to really lag behind the arcane casters.

Any advice to get this card would be most welcome.  I know the location deck cards are randomized but gheez…

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There are only 2 and they are both in AD B.


This means that with the party you have 1 already with, there is only 1 more copy for you to find, and it is competing with all the other spells.


Additionally if you are playing in ADs 1+ you will have a tougher time finding it, because you have all the spells for those adventures mixed in too. Then add in all the junk you get from treasure chests....


If you want to find the Holy Light, you should keep replaying AD B (Perils of the Lost Coast: Brigandoom!, The Poison Pill, and Black Fang's Dungeon), and make sure that you keep your cards well groomed by scavenging any unneeded cards from treasure chests.

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Kgk nails it. To add to his excellent advice:


If you want to find holy light and just absolutely do not care about anything else, try the following:


1. Create a 6-player party with Ezren, Lini, Lem, Seoni, Kyra, and Seelah. The idea here is to play a party with as many spell slots as possible. The more spells are in your characters' decks, the fewer spells there are in the box.


2. Play Brigandoom!


3. Piledrive the Academy until it's out of spells (do NOT close it after defeating the henchman!).


4. When the Academy is empty of spells, forfeit the scenario and start over.


This way, you're not wasting time fighting monsters and crap and can just focus on rolling 5 spells until you get holy light. Your odds on any given run are 5/X, where X is the number of spells in the box, so they're not amazing, but you should get lucky eventually.


Good luck!

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