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Kyra's Improved Heal doesn't heal



Device: Hudl 2

OS: Android 5.1



Pass&Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Story

Party Members: Merisiel, Kyra

Turn Order: Merisiel, Kyra

Scenario: Into the Mountains

Difficulty: Highest

Trigger: Use Kyra's Improved Heal


I noticed that Kyra's Improved Heal wasn't showing the animation for cards flying from her discard pile to get deck, then I realised that the number of cards in her deck wasn't increasing - so the heal had no effect other than to discard a card with the Devine trait.


This doesn't happen all the time, so something must be the trigger. I think that the trigger *might* be using a Major Cure spell during Merisiel's turn. Kyra was running low on health due to Necromancer Damage, so when her turn ended I clicked back to Kyra to check whether her Major Cure had come up yet, it had, so I used it. Next time it was Kyra's turn, the first thing I did was Improved Heal (can't remember the discarded card, possibly Swipe). From this point on her IH didn't work.

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I took a look at that bug report, thanks. The behaviour in my situation seems a little different (in particular, I got no animation), and of course it can't trigger on the "off-turn". I haven't made it happen since (I often heal on the off turn). If I see it again I'll try to capture the chain of events.

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