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140 hours across 7 playthroughs, Im done. The game has bested me. White March ruined the experience.

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The OP didn't articulate himself well and so it's hard to get on board with him, but I have to agree I found the Abbey of the Fallen Moon pretty crappy. I was soloing upscaled on PotD, however even with a party I don't think I would have enjoyed the (I want to say) 15ish Monk encounters where they all have sky high stats and are a complete chore to deal with - and they're all pretty much the same invariant encounter (and yes you can just ignore the combat by choosing social options, but who wants to wimp out like that?). I didn't even find the High Abbot the hardest, it was just the encounters that had many more of those damn monks. I get the feeling that some abilities that no one actually takes, like Rooting Pain and (though to a lesser extent as it's actually useful if you can squeeze it in) Stunning Blow, were made just so the enemies could have them and make your life more miserable. Overall, it's just a sea of the same fight over and over again, and I outwardly groaned when I got to Caryon's Scar and thought I'd be free of it only to get a few more of the same encounters yet again.


If you can do one of these encounters you can do them all, but the repetition truly sucks and it becomes more of an endurance of what you're willing to sit through to get through the game. They don't even offer intriguing difficulty, such as improved AI, just unpleasantly high stats to wade through one at a time. It took me about a week to get through the Abbey, not due to time constraints, but because the encounters were so tedious and yet also very involved and repetitive that I did one or two a day and then couldn't face the exactly same crap again - even when they didn't actually take very long to complete. And I know, I was solo PotD, but I defy anyone to tell me they had a "fun" time here in the game when there's so many groups that offer the exact same challenge. Even if you found the mobs easy with a full group, it's the exact same thing over and over, it's so dull.


But yeah after that I pretty much liked all the other encounters and boss fights, I stored them all up until after WM part II and really enjoyed their varied challenges. The Abbey of the Fallen Moon however - boooo!

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I have 400. Yeah, the Abbey was pain in the ass same as Galvino's lair. I think developers have some problems with dungeon encounters turning them into hack and slash massacre. Some levels of Od Nua were tuned nicely. Overall WM has better fights than POE minus Galvino & Abbey. Cragholdt was insane too but I liked it. POTD was very fun but challenging especially in expansions. 

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I can't stand this ****ing game anymore. It's nobody's fault in particular, but I finally found the free time six weekends ago to start going through white march content.


Six weekends later, I'm done. I made it to the abbey of the fallen moon, and I don't understand why you made all of these fights so ****ing ****ty. In general, The White March is literally what I would call "GM to player antagonism". Nothing was fun about any of the fights in the game, the encounters filled with ludicrous AI that makes no sense(enemies literally comitting suicide to attack my back line multiple times) and constantly, no fun allowed, ****ty fights. The high abbot is a monster and it's not really in the way that I found fun. I'm so bored of having my tactical positions get completely shuffled around and my party killed in seconds. I am so done with this ludicrous idea of what is supposed to constitute a fair encounter. The alpine dragon was the single biggest "**** you" I have ever seen in a video game, ever, when the shades spawned I just reloaded and never went back.


Who the **** do you think you are, Obsidian? Do you think this is fun? It's ****ing boring. I won't be buying Tyranny or backing any further Pillars video game projects unless you can get your ****ing idiot game designers under control. Make the games fun for everybody. 


The white march was literally and factually one of the worst purchases I have ever made, and you're either going to ignore my complaints or mock me. You don't give a **** about your customer's enjoyment. 


So good job. You antagonized me. You made me mad. You broke me upon the wheel. If you care at all about demographics, less than 5% of your fanbase has finished the base game, and its lower for the white march. 


Maybe if the White March was actually a fun adventure and not literally just a developer making garbage encounters literally and factually designed to annoy, and not innovate, you'd see more sales and have your customers actually play them. 


They antagonised you? ...


...please show us on this doll where the bad Obsidian touched you.

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Take a chill pill OP. 


If you played for 140 hours across 7 playthroughs, you definitely got your money's worth, regardless of how you felt at the end. 


Maybe it wasn't the WM's fault. Maybe after 140 hours, you'd just had enough?

I really like PoE, but honestly, after 4 playthroughs, I got tired of it. 


Yes, this happened to Guild Wars 1 to me. After 2500(or something) hours played...I couldn't even stand the EoTN log-in screen lol. It's called psychic saturation I believe. You've had enough of something and that's perfectly natural.

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Ouh - d!ck-measuring contest... I'm in!  :)




I still love it. Every part of it, including WM I & II.


Well... besides the bugs and some other stuff. So let's say: most parts of it. ;)


What do you do to get 3000(well, almost) hours? I mean, I can't imagine getting even 200. But then again, I'm not the one to replay the games often(if at all). Small differences don't really matter to me, especially when I can find the info somewhere online.

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I mostly do builds and thest them. When they seem to be good I do a playthrough. I can't count how many playthroughs I did. And I had a lot of time because I took parental leave for my three little daughters - and they always slept a LOT when they were tiny. Even now two of them sleep for two to three hours every day - and 12 in the night. :) I also worked but not full time. And I don't sleep that much, too. 5 to 6 hours is enough. One of the few advantages if you are an old geezer. ;)


Now that time is over and I work a lot more than before. That's the reason that number didn't increase a lot during the last 6 months. ;)

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Ha - what a terrible name for an archmage. :lol:

Sounds more like a character who burps a lot. ;)


I guess most people don't even know how to pronounce it. It normally is "Börör", but sadly few websites let you use "umlauts" when registering. 


I could imagine a burly but gnarly old guy, headmaster and founder of an adventurer's academy. A place where you can go if you want to discover your true potential and then unlock it. Like doing ingame character builds. There you could also hire mercs - but maybe special ones that other players developed. It would be our character build list - but inside the game.

Hm, the more I think of it the more I like this idea. 


Ok, if somebody from OBS reads this: Come on, do it! Do it! ;) You can even start a crowdfunding campain just for this small addon. I guess most people who write in the character build forum would pledge for that. 

You can even get my voice for grumpy dialogue lines - I have a fairly low voice and a nice german accent. Everybody likes a good, harsh german accent...  :yes:

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