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3.03 Beta Update


'On Hit' weapon procs now function correctly.


Fixed multiple issues with companions auto-level up (thanks Hamskii).


Fixed an issue where characters would stay invisible when using Cape of the Master Mystic.


Added a missing hatchet (thanks nem0).

you can now find it at the end of the Brynlod Bounty.


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Humble request for developers: since 3.03 is not out yet, would you considerate to make some of the chiper power castable also on self, instead than allied only? ( Es: soul shock, pain block, amplified wave). Thks a lot in case


- a fellow solo player

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No it's a different bug, causing some bonuses from certain abilities and talents (e.g. Weapon and Shield Style, causing massive boosts to Deflection and Reflex) upon each save in an area.


Still you're right, there does seem to be a common trend of stacking bugs.

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Also, please don't introduce this bug (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87873-303-confident-aim-loading-damage-bug/) into the game. I'm currently playing as a Fighter and I don't want it to spoil my playthrough. I guess I could just leave the game at v3.02, but I really want the new hatchet that's been put in the game for the build.

Ha, remember when I said this and the devs didn't care. Wasn't that funny?

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