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Melee Cypher build

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Well, if you do the math then Unforgiven is the winner over Bittercut because it's still a lot faster (like nearly twice the attack speed) even if they both have 0 recovery. You can also reach 0 recovery a lot easier - and it's also easy to use Vulnerable Attack without any speed loss. And every flat DR bypass effect like Ryona's Vambraces and stuff is so much better with higher attack speed (because it's not a percentage based bonus but flat damage that gets added).

If you want to fully utilize the additional lash you have to use Body Attunement or some other means of DR reduction (not bypass) though.

I also prefer Bittercut, especially because of the two damage types - but "on paper" Unforgiven should deal higher dps against most enemies as soon as you have decent dmg mods (and if you don't face crush resistant or immune foes of course).

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Nearly twice the attack speed doesn't make up for less than half damage. ;)

On paper it might be better but in practice mediocre DR screws Unforgiven, let alone higher DR foes which make it completely worthless.

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