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OK, got a couple of newbie questions for playing Pathfinder Adventures on Ipad.


First, I bought some cards through the chests and I'm confused on what the different types of decks mean.  Know for sure I can access the B deck cards through the story, but what about all those other decks like '1' '2' and '3'?  Are those accessed through story?


Are they accessed through Quests?  Which bring up another question.  I cannot seem to get the guys in my story mode to be used in Quest Mode.  I mean i can use level 1 new versions of them, but not the ones currently leveled up with items.


If I complete the Story Modes, will I then be able to use them in Quest mode?



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Deck B is the basic deck. You'll find mostly ordinary things there. 1 and 2 corespondent with adventures 1 and 2. So you'll find upgrades to your inventory as you make your way through the adventure. Story mode is a linear progression. You pick your party and go through the story, upgrade gear, and your character(s) get stronger. Quest mode is separate and has generally shorter adventures. In quest mode your players level up through experience points. You could do either or both at the same time. You can also have multiple copies of characters in either. The best way I could figure out how to keep them separate in my personal game was to play story mode and "nickname" the characters so I knew which I was picking from in the roster. As far as I can tell, once a character is dedicated to a story mode game, you can't use that exact character with his/her exact cards in another game at the same time.

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Also character across the story mode and quest mode can not move between modes because They advance differently. Other advance the story scenario by scenario, other collect experience points (for succesfull questing).

That is the reason for not allowed to use those characters in another game mode.


You can find your treasure cards in both modes separately.

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To add on to what the help people posted here:

If a card you find from a chest has a card number on it, such as 1, you will start finding that card in Adventure deck 1 and onward. So the numbers let you know when you can expect to start seeing that card during your adventures.

Treasure chest cards are used in both story mode and quest mode, however if you don't want to see them appear in story mode you can disable them from appearing there in the options menu.

Characters in Quest mode are completely independent from characters in story mode. The characters in Quest mode use an experience based leveling system while the characters in story mode use a progression based system.

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