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How can I get to the ledge in the ice chute inside the Flames-That-Whispers cave? The Wiki says the character must have Dexterity 16, but I have 18 (with bonuses from equipment, food, resting and salt mast) and no matter what I do I the group always fall.


Edit: You need to send somebody with Dexterity 16 to secure the hook, not necessarily the main character. There must be a random chance of success, because I tried at least two times with my main character, once with dex 16 and once with 18, and I couldn't do it. Or I don't remmeber very well, I was playing at 3 in the morning yesterday...


I gained the Golden Gaze rod.



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I believe the size of your character also has an impact. Sending a dwarf or an Orlan to secure the hook might be necessary too.


That was what I thought when I first played it. I assumed the dexterity requirement was for reaching the ledge. Anyway, it worked with Hiravias.


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Yeah I don't think the check is just for dexterity. At least it didn't work for my main who had 19 dex. I think it has something to do with survival and character size as well.

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