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Damn skippy it does. I'm looking for the Legendary healing staff, If I had found out that I opened 104 chests for nothing (whereas I could have been saving) I would have been pissed. It would be nice if the cards that were affected were labeled with something other than a ?.


Uh oh. Has anyone confirmed finding the Legendary healing staff yet? I hope it's in there, for your sake. :( And yeah, cases like that are why it's not cool to have placeholders for cards that don't actually exist.

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I have only bought 2 chests so far and although I think they are worth buying them just for the possibility to draw something else than the same cards you have seen a gazillion times, personally I will wait until more adventures are released. Drawing awesome cards and not being able to use them (after you find them of course) is very annoying. At least for me.


What I don't know is how I can tell the rarity of each card. The difference is either very subtle, or I am blind. Considering the "very basic" (yeah, this is a complaint) design of the cards I expected something more obvious.

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The border of the card tells you the rarity. There are non-bordered cards (non-treasure), bronze cards (common), silver cards (uncommon) gold cards (mmm... legendary?) and black cards (so far, they are rewarded for clearing legendary difficulty)


And yeah... All the uncommon cards I got are from adventure 6, wich frustrated me a bit... I guess I´ll be glad once they release that adventure, because they look great, but whatever.

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