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Quest mode - more boons than you have got in vault?

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Im kinda confused on how this all works as well. I have completed the story mode with 2 different parties, and as such have a couple boons that should only have 1 copy in the vault, but when I create a new party and put 2 chars together that share these cards, it allows it and suddenly there are 2 impaler of thorns etc. 

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Yes you can "cheat" by combining different croups. That is because each party has its own vault aka box, so you actually combine cards From different boxes when combining parties. But not sure how this could happen in quest mode...

But quest mode rules Are somewhat different than is story mode in anyway, so vault can be quite different in quest mode in anyway. Maybe we will one day get a faq how wault actually works in quest mode. It could be entertaining!

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It's kind of Magic!

Maybe someone has invented impropability motor!


That sounds awesome. Can I run my car on that ? :lol:


I wonder if the vault is recreated anew because I'd added 2 new characters to the initial 4 that I had which could explain the failure to recognize I already had a deathbane crossbow .


But , this is the second instance where I'm getting cards beyond the vault limit as we know it, the first being a third masterwork tool. Had it being the case of a whole new vault, I should have been seeing a lot more copies of other cards.

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Didn't see this topic and posted a comment about exactly the same situation in another topic. Second Deathbane crossbow.

The first went to Sajan and the second to Lem. My goal from now on is to find and give one to every character. Deathbane Squad FTW. :)

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