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New Vampire game being teased by Obsidian?


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What did you do to my thread??


lets balance it back a little bit





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Let's keep the vampires historical....




Well, historically gaming?

The best vampire.

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I'm guessing many of you would prefer a turn based, isometric Vampire game but if this is a real thing I'm hoping they stick with the first person perspective.


I swear, some folks are just obsessed with everything being isometric.



Most don't even know what isometric actually is, either, it's just associated with classic games like Fallout so gets bundled along as a buzz word.


If you're making Bloodlines 2 then it should really be... well, Bloodlines 1 was a bit clunky with its mix of 3p and fp, but there may not be a more elegant solution and something 3p or fp would be expected. A tactical/ 'isometric' style game would be better as a (party based) spin off/ alternative because it implies a different gameplay experience.



I actually liked the mix of first person and 3rd. Was nice for combat, as 3rd person was easier for melee and first person was better for guns.

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