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Ezren expanded spellbook fail to trigger under specific condition



Tested this a few time and always reproducible . I use a 2 member party seelah and ezren. Haven't yet tested in 3 or more member party.


1) seelah encounter a barrier that spawn skeleton for both members simultaneously or a scenario power that trigger the same situation.


2) in the option on whom to face off the skeleton first , seelah must be selected first.


3) when it's ezren turn to do the check roll using a spell , upon conclusion of the roll, the screen swaps back to seelah without option to activate his expanded spellbook power. Tapping back to ezren screen will not have the power button clickable .



Note if ezren was selected first in 2) , he will be able to activate his power . Similarly in 1) if ezren encounter and starts off the whole chain of event , the screen that swap back to him will enable him to activate the power too.

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Already noted here.

This referenced post is not the same situation as the OP. Sure, it's a failure for Expanded Spellbook to fire, but the trigger is different. As this failure of Ezren's EB to proc on a Summoned monster (I suspect that it's actually any time that Ezren is not the current character), and it's still present on I'm going to raise it again.

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