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Experience gain death bug totally ruined my momentum and willingness to keep playing



I'm sure this has been reported many times but I just wanted to add to it because I feel like this really killed it for me.


First off, I love the game. I played the card game a lot with my friends, so naturally as soon as this came out I dropped $25 on the full card/expansion pack. I'm the type of player who never pays for games and really hates microtransactions, and this game gave everything I wanted. I could pay for a full game, and I can get gold and exp when I play so I still feel like I'm working towards something. Plus my roommate usually takes a pretty passive approach when we play video games (he's autistic and usually just likes to watch), but with this game he's actually played with me! Granted we don't play hot seat and just kinda play it together, but he'll roll the dice and touch the iPad and be a lot more involved than when he watches me play other games.


Plus the game is super fun! I love obsidian and was more than happy to pay for this game! And I'm not one of those disgruntled customer who shouts "I want my money back" so this isn't one of those posts.


However, I just had the worst luck and played a quest with my level 9 squad, so excited to get to level 10 and get that much needed card feat. I was really excited for it, but unfortunately, on the quest, 3 of my 4 died, and the 4th went in for the quick kill on Nualia and won! I was super excited, but then everything just kinda died when I noticed that my characters had leveled but only Valeros (the one who survived) actually got the card feat. I tried playing again but no dice. That unlock just got lost forever.


Honestly, this killed it for me. I don't want to continue knowing I won't get that feat I really wanted (due to a freaking bug!!), and I don't want to start over because it's taken me a while to get to this point. I have a job so I don't get to sit around and farm all day like I used to, so getting characters up to level 10 will take me a while. It just killed my excitement and now I just don't want to play anymore.


I'm hoping this bug gets fixed and I get my card feat back. I know it's hard dealing with the myriad of bugs, and I know there was a lot of pressure to get this game out, especially with all the delays and stuff, but please fix this Obsidian! It's not necessarily game breaking, but for me it was really spirit breaking.

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