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Possible temporary work around

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@Creistan: the fact that game correctly opens the shop and presents you with the checkout info doesn't mean the game is correctly connected to Google Play Games.
The account is the same (google account) but one thing is being signed to Play store, another is being logged in to Play Games through the game, just like on iOS the account is the same but the login to AppStore and to Game Center are two different logins.
when you access the in-game shop, the game asks the phone OS (android or iOS) to access IAPs for that game, using the Store account configured on the phone. Then the game links that purchase to the Play Games/Game Center account it is logged to. If the game cannot correctly log to Play Games or Game Center, it can't link the purchase to the "player" account. The store account is provided by the phone itself, the game doesn't care/doesn't know whose account is that. The game uses the Play Games account to know who's the player, so it is possible the purchase is successful but then the game can't activate it because it doesn't have a play games/Game Center account to activate it to
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