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Combusting Wounds should do wonders with any Blast / carnage / Multiple Projectiles  setup but i think someone wrote on forum that they do not work at all currently ? 

If they do i have to start using them again , especially since you can put CW ring on wizard who then summons essential phantom who has spells from wizard rings .

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I put the ring on the chanter actually (I also give him the other ring which restrains afflictions), since the wizard is better kept busy landing debufs and cc from the start while chanter can use items/scrolls while he chants. Also the ring casts CW as autohit.(I'm sure it's a bug but until they fix it...)


Last time that I checked( about 1 week ago) CW was ticking fine from Dragon chant and Blights + blast, but I don't think it was ticking from the missile scrolls, I tried several times with the higher level missile scrolls and I didn't notice any ticks on screen from CW so there still seems to be an issue...

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