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I want to change the limit for the amount of custom adventurers you can hire (currently set to 8 in vanilla).

I found the script that sets this value and I am able to read it with some free software that can decompile it, but I am unable to change the value and save or recompile the script to make the adjustment I want to make in game.


Is this at all possible? If so, how do I do it?


(PS: sorry if this is a noob question, I'm new to modding scripts)


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I have sucessfully increased the number of adventurers you can create and it works perfectly with current saved games without any issues.

First, download dnSpy - https://github.com/0xd4d/dnSpy
Scroll down to the "Binaries" list and download the latest release.
Extract the .zip to any folder and run dnspy.exe (64-bit) or dnspy-x86 (32-bit), on your OS.
My OS is 64-bit - so I use dnspy.exe

Next make backup copies of both Assembly-CSharp.dll and UnityEngine.dll - from wherever you installed PoE open "PillarsOfEternity_Data/Managed" or whichever folders were used during install.

Now, in dnSpy click "file" "open", find Assembly-CSharp.dll and also "open" UnityEngine.dll - wherever you installed PoE...
Open Assembly-CSharp.dll and scroll down and open "PartyMemberAI", then from the drop-down list find the "MaxAdventurers" entry.



Right-click on "public static readonly int MaxAdventurers = 8" and select "Edit Class C#" and simply edit the number to your liking. I choose 19 to make a grand total of 30 characters.

Now, click "compile", the pop-up will auto-close when it is complete. Then exit dnSpy.
You will be asked to save the file and give it a name - do so. Done!

Replace your default Assembly-CSharp.dll with the new Assembly-CSharp.dll (you must rename it exactly as Assembly-CSharp.dll from whatever name you had saved your edited version as in dnSpy) - now start PoE.

Remember that tons of modding will always slow a game down so choose wisely based on your hardware capabilities.

I have had no issues with gameplay, sound, graphics, saves or slowdowns. Enjoy.
To my knowledge it does not break achievements -

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*Confirmed that this does not break achievements*

the achievmentdependencies genereally can be removed in the code as well .. but yea.. renders achievments quite ad absurdum then ;)

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I hope people still ahve notifications turned on for these posts. I am looking at the Assembly file and I cannot find the variable listing from the photo. I see several nodes, but I have no idea which one would contain the variables lists. 

Can anyone help?




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