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Ironman 2.0 (reloading save games = dull gameplay)

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Ever since I've played the X-Com remake, I'm completely sold on Ironman or any other type of savegame restriction. (not the least that reloading breaks immersiveness) Every semi difficult fight (which there are none until Elmshore, but thats another topic...level 8 on hard) you feel kind of unattached really.


But for the obvious reasons (job etc.) i will never try the default ironman of Pillars.

Thus i propose the following:


Make it so that main char cannot perma die (because of his soul condition or what have you) but your companions CAN. So that ironman save will never be game over after 80 hours gameplay!


so party wipe looks like this:

Penalties for dying yourself: stat reduction or lost x level (maybe) all gear GONE (definitely)

Penalties for dead companions: hire new ones! (gear lost too of course) new hirelings will NOT be at your level! (so you have to rebuild their exp)

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Interesting idea, but also consider:

playing a normal game, only keeping one named save for that game, saving over it every time you do something or a companion dies, and never reloading that save unless it's a game over.


Due to the whole reincarnation system, character death is pretty dang permanent in PoE.

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