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WM2 — stuck at text dialog screen and manual saves no longer created



There is a text dialog scene where you strike with a mini Abydon's hammer. And while the group flees there is an option to cast a spell. So-o-o… I've chosen myself (a Watcher) as the one who will strike, but the game presented me an option to cast Repulsing Seal, but since I'm not with the rest of the party and nobody else can cast it I'm stuck on the next screen with "Consider who will cast" text.




1. Load save.

2. Strike the hammer.

3. Choose yourself (a Watcher).

4. Choose “Repulsing Seal.”

5. Enjoy your trip to Alt-F4.


And the game still loses saves sometimes… Worse than that, it loses it if I saved just right after text scene and “Eyeless story ending screen” is shown without moving to another location (I've upgraded Kana's weapon to Legendary, though). Save, quit the game to desktop, reload a-a-and… no save I've just made.


Moved to Stalwart, “talked” with a soul and saved. Still no save after quit & reload (but autosaved game is there). I have over 400 GB of free space, so that's not a problem. Debian 8 (jessie) AMD64 with 8 GB of RAM.


Save: https://yadi.sk/d/lcoKx60EpyTud

Pillars of Bugothas

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