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Looking for good PoE Let's play/playthrough

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Hello guys.


I'm sorry if this is inappropriate question, I'm new on these forums.


I'm trying to find some good let's play/playthrough of PoE but I have some trouble finding something serious.


I'm looking for someone that won't be reading all dialogues in some "funny" (read stupid) voices, someone who is familiar with the game (not the first play), play on higher difficulties and don't talk with twitch chat half of the video :)


Did you watch something similar or can you suggest something? I checked like 6 youtube series and had to stop each one of them because one of the previous reasons :) 


Thanks a lot 

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Damo2986's play through is excellent, and updating. However, it is his first let's play, which may be not exactly what you want, but I think it caters to the rest of your wishlist. Seriously though, I don't find many people who are let's playing the game who have played the game before.

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The best one to me is not a video but a guide that you can easily jump around to the exact information pertinent to you; this prevents inadvertently revealing a lot of spoilers that you will get in a video because once you see it, it is impossible to unsee it.  It is a guide that will take you from from character creation to the last Act.  Try:  




As far as a video guide to this game, good luck because PoE is not linear however:  video guides are.  Yes the network has choke-points, to get to Act II you'll have to do this and to get to Act III you'll have to do that, but does a video player really do everything that could be done in a particular Act? There will be hundreds of possible combinations to get through this game so watching one person's path may be helpful but not really manifest the richness of this game for you nor reveal everything there is to be found.  Yes you will want to see how one person handled a situation in a video, but finding these situations is tedious unless the video creator put in strategic tabs for you to jump to. This may be the reason why you're having a hard time finding a good video playthrough, the time it would take to make a comprehensive video guide would be a major task that many are not willing to give their time to.  Some games lend themselves well to video guides, I don't think this one does.

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