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Should I start over? (New content question)

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I'm not quite sure where to post this, but given the forum I've chosen I will endeavor to keep this spoiler free:


So I had stalled out in my first playthrough of Pillars, and now that all the new content is out, I want to finish it.  I stopped right before the big event at the end of Act 2, or possibly right at the start of act 3.  My question is, if I want to experience all the new content, am I best off starting over?  Will I miss out on, for example, new stronghold events or quests such as the ones mentioned in the 3.0 patch notes, or perhaps a revamp of some of the early game battles or dialogue? 


Also, if I enter act 3 at a 'high' level, how do I enable the high level scaling option?  Is that something I have to choose before entering at 3, or perhaps in game options somewhere?  I have thus far found the game too easy on PotD, possibly because I've explored everywhere before advancing the main plot.  Hopefully enabling this option will help.


Thanks for your time.


I should mention that I'm level 11, and will be 12 upon finishing act 2 (I'm at the very last part).  Will I be too high level for the new White March content?  I just read that it's suggested to go there around level 7?

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You wouldn't miss out on the new stronghold content but you'd certainly get more by starting over. Otherwise, the expansion is balanced around being done about the end of act 2 anyway so you're fine to carry on from where you were.


The scaling is a pop up that you see upon entering a new act. If you're already in Twin Elms you won't get an option to scale the game up but you will if you have a save around the big hearing at the end of act 2. You'll also get it when you go to the White March and to the final act of the main game.

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I finished the pre-expansion game in V1 days, and decided I'd get more out of the White March experience starting a new game.  You could probably do it either way, but from what I've been hearing, WM is ideally started around char level 7.  It has some scaling built in if you start it later, but I'm not sure how that works (e.g, is there just one step from "low" to "high", or what?)


Depending on how long ago you played, PoD might be a little harder now.  There have been balance changes since I played at V1 which IMHO make combat more enjoyable now, such as monsters being more willing to break engagement and move around the battlefield, meaning you have to use more crowd-control to protect your frail characters.  Conceivably you still might find it too easy, but it's improved since V1 IMHO.  I'm playing on PoD now, currently at the end of Act 1, and PoD feels just about right for me (meaning I can imagine it being too easy for some other folks - I think there should be another level above PoD for expert players who memorize all the stats and such).  There are some non-risky fights on PoD, but also some that I have to really scramble to survive, and some in the middle.


My recommendation for getting the most out of it is to play along with the camping mechanic.  E.g, don't rest for every single fight, but take your 2 camps and try to get as far into places as you possibly can, conserving resources.  Much fun to be had that way: sometimes you push on for that last fight, unsure if you're going to survive it, to be rewarded by another camping supply in a chest after you win, and you get to carry on further into the dungeon.  Sometimes you start fights low on health and spells, only to have an "oh **#@" moment when the fight turns uglier than you planned on, and you have to improvise with what you have left.  It can be fun.

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