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Elryn's Jacket needs fixing

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I believe Elryn's Jacket is not working as intended because I keep blinding and dazing my own party with it in most wierd ways......


This jacket triggers Eyestrike ability when the wearer gets hit by an enemy, this ability blinds and dazes the enemy who hits you and other enemies around him in a certain radius, now the spell description says its only enemies...so I put it on Grieving Mother but what's happening is that when she gets hit even with beneficial spells cast by my Priest or Paladin she blinds my Priest or Paladin whoever cast that heal or the buff and blinds the rest of my party around them as well.


During a battle Pallegina got hit and she is wearing the consecrated ground boots so consecration went off and as soon as it hit GM she blinded Pallegina and my own party members who were near her and not the enemies, also happened when I tried to heal her with Durance, I ended up blinding my whole party who happened to be near by Durance......


This jacket should be named Suicide Jacket, I know its not cursed but it's definitely working like a cursed item, I believe its just not working as intended.


Couldn't find bug submission section here on these forums so I am posting it here.........

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Technical Support Forum. Three rows beneath this forum.

You can find it. :)


There's a bug with some items at the moment where spell holding items will not only apply to enemies but also on self at the same time. Stormcaller's Returning Storm for example not only hits the enemy but also the ranger (in this case without damage). Maybe those two bugs are related.

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Fairly sure I've seen this reported and acknowledged in the tech forum last week.

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Hi don't mean to bump an older thread, but was just wondering if this bug has been fixed. I am experiencing the same with this armor(Elryn's Jacket) as I equipped it on Durance and he is in the middle of my party casting buffs/debuffs. As soon as Eyestrike goes off my whole party gets blinded :unsure:  . On the same topic(I think) my chanter Kana is equipped with Silver Flash blunderbuss. The gun grants Blind on a hit or crit and it also has blinded some of my other companions. Not sure if that's intended or not.


EDIT: Sorry have to ninja edit this. Looking at it closer the only npc that got blinded by eyestrike was Durance with all other companions within a 2-3m radius. That still shouldn't happen though me thinks...






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I guess this never got fixed, and probably never will.  I too put this on Grieving Mother.  She has had that armor for a little while now and there is no telling how many times she has blinded Durance before I noticed it tonight.  She also has One-Eyed Molina's Gold-Fingered Spike-Flinger, which I also just found out is broken while searching for this armor bug.  I guess it's time to re-evaluate her equipment.

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