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The game post patch 3 is great but flawed in so many ways

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For starters: what is the point of the soulbound weapons, they are clearly far weaker then upgraded weapons you can make with enchanting and durgan steel ect...


1. The holy redeemer is ok for taking out vessels

2. The night shroud is an absolute joke, procs a blind every 10 hits or so

3. Grey sleeper is ok, but on on par with blade of endless paths (if not upgraded)

4. The rest Aren't even worth mentioning.

5. The hunting bow doesn't justify selecting a ranger as all you can do is use the bow. Id rather a caster anyway.


So basically no good unique weapons to collect.



We get it already!  You don't like rangers and prefer spellcasters to guys with physical ranged weapons.  Enough already!


But IMO, you're wrong to say that Storm Caller doesn't justify selecting a rangers because all you do is use a bow.  That's YOUR opinion.  Other people disagree.  And you should say so a LOT more clearly, like starting the sentence with "IMO".


I personally prefer a playstyle that isn't nearly so arcane heavy.  I prefer to have as few spellcasters as I can get away with, because that's how *I* prefer to play!  And that's ALL the justification I need to play a ranger, with or without Stormcaller!!!


Er, we all know it's his opinion, based on the fact that it's an opinion that he said. We don't need a clarification.

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