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I'm not sure if this was a bug, or some kind of "reflect" thing (I'm not 100% familiar with every little ability in the game), but... well... should my weapon trigger hit myself like this? I don't want to post this in the tech support forum if it isn't a bug. Does anyone more knowledgeable than I know if these enemies cast some sort of 100% effectiveness spell reflection?



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That seems like a bug to me, your own weapons shouldn't hit you, unless there some new enemy ability to reflect hits that I'm not aware of.  I would just report it, worst that could happen would be them saying it is not.

Yeah, I've done so. My save file is like 8MB, and even packed into a .zip file it's still too big to upload here, so I'm not too confident about it being fixed for me. Unless other people are experiencing it.

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And I wondered why Sagani always had this Returning-Storm-Sigil around her when the bow triggered the spell. I thought it was just a visual effect since she doesn't seem to get hurt by it. Or was I just lucky?

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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