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^ then it was totally worth it to kill 'em all (Metallica style.)

"Time is not your enemy. Forever is."

— Fall-From-Grace, Planescape: Torment

"It's the questions we can't answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question, and he'll look for his own answers."

— Kvothe, The Wise Man's Fears

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I beat this encounter on PotD difficulty after a few tries. While I think the fight has the potential to be the hardest in the game (all other 'big' ones always had 1 single big enemy + lots of adds...this one has 3 major opponents + adds), high-level abilities somewhat makes it easier to handle. This was my strategy:


1. My party consisted of 1 paladin tank / Eder (fighter dps) / Sagani (hunter) / GM (cipher) / Aloth (wizard) and Durance (priest). Ranged characters are inherently superior during dragon fights as they can avoid many of the damaging close-range AoE effects.


1. As soon as combat starts, move your entire party to the very back of the area to gain some time + control the battleground. 


2. While your party is all bunched up have your: 

a. Your priest cast Crowns for the Faithful for the massive +25 Resolve buff

b. Your DPS should drink Flask of war paint for the massive % damage buff - can be bought from Elm's Reach vendors

c. Have your tank drink potions which boost defenses further such as Llengrath's displaced potion (+ deflection), potion of iron skin (+DR) and bulkwark against elements (+DR on magic). Surviving the initial onslaught is critical. If your tank is also your main, then all the better as you can cast Dominion of the Sleepers (watcher buff + all stats).

d. Cipher cast defensive mindweb - absolutely great spell to boost defenses. If you time it well, you can spread buff-boosted defenses across your whole party. Imagine spreading the defenses gained through the Watched Stat buff!


3. Have your tank go forward to engage all opponents. 


4. Have everyone else focus on Llengrath first. She has low HP but casts some very deadly spells. For example, she uses a spell which hides your endurance/HP.  Use your best spells and cooldowns. Some great examples are fighter's sundering blow, wizard's concelhaut crushing doom, ranger's wounding shot.


5. *IMPORTANT* Have your wizard cast a very well-placed Wall of Many Colors. If you succeed in hitting as many enemies as possible (including the 2 dragons), it will make the fight significantly easier as they will be paralyzed / petrified / stunned etc. Cast another one once the first one expires. Smart use of this spell is, IMHO, 50% of the success of the fight !


6. Have your priest cast Storm of Holy Fire which will severely hurt all small adds, as well as the main opponents. 


7. Once Llengrath is down, focus fire on the dragon with the lowest HP.


8. Kill the remaining dragon and any of the adds left.


9. Throughout the fight HP potions and other defensive cooldowns will be critical.


10. Overall, the keys to the fight are 4.

a. Positioning - go to the back of the area to avoid getting flanked and concentrate the enemies in 1 area.

b. Focus fire - Focus all you got on a single enemy - starting with Llengrath herself. Don't scatter your damage, keep it focused and kill before getting killed.

c. Crowd control - The Wall of Many Colours is your best friend as it incorporates damage + a wide variety of CC conditions. Other spells such as Confusion and Adragan's Gaze are also great. However, they will NOT be effective unless you get point (a) right - positioning of enemies - you don't want them scattered.

d. Offensive / defensive buffs - Buffs such as Flask of war paint + defensive mindweb + crowns for faithful will give you the necessary boost to survive the initial 30 seconds of the fight and kill Llengrath very fast. The fight gets progressively easier after the first 1 minute. Use all you got!

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Seriously, this battle is the real last. (Kraken is... lol so easy, its shame) So, 4 or 2 scales... Its useless.


Sceptenar >


No I love RP But it's called the challenge. At one point, you want to test your build with an "ultimate" battle.


I personally want courroner my part with this battle , so I will avoid (unfortunately) this bonus, for my future new game.


RP is RP, this game is not RP. RP = I should be able to make the pact with Lengrath and then kill her after that if i want. (But she magically disappears with her two creatures...)


So no, its not totally RP, guys...

You know you can spawn any encounter you want with ie mod. I just spawned 3x alpine dragon to test high level party. You an spawn 10 or 100 of them at the same time lol and see how you fare.

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I beat the fight without anyone taking any damage on hard.


My party was eder tank/dps with sabre focus, PC as pure tank/summoner chanter, kana, eloth, grieving mother, durance.


prefight prep: had grieving mother eat two drugs to boost her accuracy


Fight start: had everyone use their figurines to summon a whole army of stuff. adra beetles, dryads, shadows, wurms etc you get the idea.


Then had everyone use guns (except cipher and wiz, they used warbow and scepter respectively) for the rest of the fight with the wall of summons in front of me, and constantly getting replenished by other figurines and lvl5 summon invocations from both my PC and kana.


Called to his bidding, ancient instruments of death are OP. It summons 3 mobs: 1 2-handed sword, 1 pike, and 1 bow. They're very damage resistent, deal good dps, and are immune to cold damage and mind control. Kinda like mordenkenain's sword from BG2 except much better. With my chanters constantly summoning these, I had a neverending flow of disposable DPS meatshields.


Had durance cast the buff that increases the time of all other buffs, then chain casted buffs non-stop. Grieving mother cast defensive mind-web, which was really key to my party avoiding all the cc cast at them and basically taking no damage at all the entire fight.


I kept using grieving mother to charm (with whispers of treason) the weaker dragon, so he fought on my side the whole time. She never missed due to the crazy amount of buffs she had on from the priest, plus the 2 drugs I gave her.


Had aloth cast wall of force and wall of multi colors on Llengrath. Then everyone worked on killing the trash, then llengrath, the weaker dragon, and finally the stronger dragon.


With the dragons constantly focused on the 2 chanter's summons, they never attacked my party and didn't do a single point of damage to any party member.


And I was lucky none of llengrath's or the mages cc's stuck on anyone. Defensive mindweb helped a lot here.

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d. Cipher cast defensive mindweb - absolutely great spell to boost defenses. If you time it well, you can spread buff-boosted defenses across your whole party. Imagine spreading the defenses gained through the Watched Stat buff!


Mindweb is really good for hard fights like this, but you don't need to time it. It updates itself whenever a stat gets buffed, and for everyone. It's awesome

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If I had the Devil of Caroc wear multiple items with the Preservation enchantment, then had her activate Feign Death deliberately in order to go Prone, would all those defensive buffs trigger on her using Feign Death?


If she did, could Grieving Mother in turn use Defensive Mind Web to its intended effect?

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Crucis, could you spoiler-tag post the dialog options you chose for avoiding the fight?


I did it yesterday soooooo




  1. Say the line that gives you a few options of which first is "you dont want to fight me" second is "im trying to keep things civil" (unfortunately I don't remember the exact sentences, cuz I'm at work atm) - Llengrath will not be so sure about your idea
  2. Say "Im trying to keep things civil [diplomatic]" - Llengrath will be more interested
  3. Say "Im a Watcher so there must be something you could learn from me" - Llengrath will say to be cautious
  4. Say "It would be unwise to waste such an opportunity [resolve 17]" - Llengrath will propose a pact
  5. Say "I agree"




I can give you the exact conversation when I'm back home, if you still want it.

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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It seems to me that the use of a cipher's Stasis Shell would work beautifully if you can get the cipher's focus up to 80 70, that way you can put Llengrath out of the battle for 30 seconds.  Getting the focus up to 80 70 though, that would require getting a shot or two in before you can cast Stasis Shell.  Defensive Mindweb would be great if you could get to cast that one too, but that's a lot of shots the cipher would have to make before casting them and the damage by Llengrath would already be done by then, too late for this battle's purposes.  


Has anyone tried the Stasis Shell approach?  


Edit:  Stasis Shell takes 70 focus points (not 80 of course)! And you can get the duration up near 30 seconds with high INT.  


Update:  The battle ended up being fairly easy for me at level 16 Hard difficulty.  A lot of buffing before the battle (e.g. the dragon meat dish all-round), debuffing, Wall Of Colours among other high level spells by my priest and wizard did the trick.  Did not use Stasis Shell nor Defensive Mindweb at all.

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