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The same thing happens with the Redeemer with its Divine Mark ability.  Hits the wielder rather than the target.


Ya know, the fact that this is happening to so many items is making me think that the problem isn't with the items themselves, but with code that handles "x% chance to cast (whatever spell) on a hit or a crit".  That code doesn't seem to realize that it should be targeting the enemy target rather than the wielder.  Indeed, perhaps part of the problem is related to the fact that sometimes the spells being proc'd by these x% chance on hit or crit are friendly ones that are MEANT to hit the user of the item.


Thinking further on it.... I wonder of there are two separate function calls in the code for this.  One for friendly spell effects (that affect the user) and one for unfriendly spell effects (that affect the targeted enemy).  And maybe when some of these items were built, the wrong function call was used.




It's definitely a bug because the damage you take isn't reflected on your health. Your health and endurance will go back to normal after the combat ends.

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I doubt it is the same bug (though I'm computer-incompetent), because the mourning gloves/executioner's hood are supposed to affect the wearer. They are just supposed to heal the wearer, not hurt him.

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For the gloves and hood, the endurance per kill is suppressed from the endurance regen of the Scars armor. Troll belt would probably do it too, or the mail armor in twin elms. Could be an option to avoid the negative effect, while still keeping the positive ones.

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So I've been save scamming to see what items I can get


As far as most powerful items

1. Binding rope

Plus 2 con stuck on hit

2. Mourning gloves

On kill for 20 seconds

Plus 5 Def

Plus 30 con

Plus 15 interrupt

Plus 10% attack speed

Plus 15 endurance


3. Glass gloves

Plus 9 Def daze for 6 seconds when you hit a target


4. Magma charm from Grand quest

Summons a magma blight pretty awesome one per rest


5. Mourning amulet

Plus 3 con on unconsious give plus 30 are attack speed one per



6. Cloak from nyard the the if

Have high reputation of house daemays

Cloak has 10 percent chance for grades to be misses

Escape 1 per encounter


Any other ones you guys have founderstood to be good or useful?


To save scum the adventures save before you turn in a quest that triggers the adventure most of them alternate between usually 5 adventurestars


Completing quest causes the turns to pass minor quest 1 turn major quest 2 to 3 turns. Feel free to post your stronghold items!




FYI, as of 3.02-beta :


1/ the Mourning Gloves also give -1 resolve for +20s per kill (oh and it's +10 concentration, not +30)

-1 Resolve translates to -1 Deflection, -2 Will, -3 Concentration.

So in effect, you actually get +4 deflection, +3 will, +5 other defenses, +7 concentration.


2/ the Glittering Gauntlets are bugged and do not proc from unarmed attacks.

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The mourner gloves in my game drain -18 endurance and then gives 18 endurance back to the user. It's only in the on hit numbers, not the combat log.


So it's a net zero. That's probably why it wasn't caught. It's not in the combat log, and you need to slow down combat and actually watch the red and green numbers.


And it probably is due to the unity asset attached to items, that do the on hit or kill effects. Just like the previous "draining issue". The other effects on the gloves work, so the on kill stuff works. It's that one thing that is bugged, usually for when the effect needs a target and it targets the user instead of the now dead target or enemy.

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Actually, these gloves aren't the wonder I had thought them to be.


The bonii on kill do not stack, only the +duration does.


That means on kill, you get :

+10% speed

+4 deflection (5 all defenses, -1 from lost resolve)

+3 will (5 all defenses, -2 from lost resolve)

+7 concentration (10, -3 from lost resolve)

+5 fortitude

+5 reflex


That would definitely not warrant replacing the Glittering Gauntlets, if they weren't bugged for unarmed attacks.



I confirm the Endurance gain issue -.-

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Even the 10% speed boost would be worth it if it had nothing else. It would be imbalanced if the bonuses began stacking.

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For me, the resolve loss was "suppressed".  Maybe because I had the +3 resolve ring on?  You can also suppress the endurance "gain" by using something with endurance over time, like the Scars armor.

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