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Pink Graphical Glitches



I previously had POE installed to the latest version with an install from Good Old Games. I downloaded WM part 2, updating to the latest version when it was released. I then loaded an earlier save just before the "point of no return" to play the second part of the expansion. I've never played with any mods and have never used console commands.


Upon loading my save, right before the point of no return, I experienced weird graphical glitches around Pellagrina, one of the weapons on my character, and part of the scenery near the point of no return. Specifically, the graphics/textures were replaced with a large pink blob. I have no idea why this happened or how to fix it, please help, thanks!

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Turns out the problem was with the GOG update process itself. On a hunch, I just did a complete reinstall and the problem was fixed. Strange, as I had never missed a GOG update for Pillars.


I think the problem is that it wouldn't let me install patch 3.0 for vanilla PoE...it only let me install patch 3.0 for white march part I, and only after that point could I install white march part II. My guess is that the vanilla patch 3.0 update contained assets that weren't in the 3.0 update for white march part one, and that created the graphical glitches.


Short of the matter is, unless GOG fixes the patch files so you CAN install both the 3.0 update and white march 1 updates, the only fix is to do a clean install :(

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